Correction: A Genome-Wide Investigation of SNPs and CNVs in Schizophrenia

  • Anna C. Need,
  • Dongliang Ge,
  • Michael E. Weale,
  • Jessica Maia,
  • Sheng Feng,
  • Erin L. Heinzen,
  • Kevin V. Shianna,
  • Woohyun Yoon,
  • Dalia Kasperavičiūtė,
  • Massimo Gennarelli,
  • Warren J. Strittmatter,
  • Cristian Bonvicini,
  • Giuseppe Rossi,
  • Karu Jayathilake,
  • Philip A. Cola,
  • Joseph P. McEvoy,
  • Richard S. E. Keefe,
  • Elizabeth M. C. Fisher,
  • Pamela L. St. Jean,
  • Ina Giegling,
  • Annette M. Hartmann,
  • Hans-Jürgen Möller,
  • Andreas Ruppert,
  • Gillian Fraser,
  • Caroline Crombie,
  • Lefkos T. Middleton,
  • David St. Clair,
  • Allen D. Roses,
  • Pierandrea Muglia,
  • Clyde Francks,
  • Dan Rujescu,
  • Herbert Y. Meltzer,
  • David B. Goldstein
  • Published: March 24, 2009
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/e0196ebb-de40-453f-8f8c-791b126618da

The authors declare the following competing interest, which should have been declared at the time of publication. Pamela L. St. Jean, Pierandrea Muglia, and Clyde Francks are full-time employees of GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company that is developing treatments for schizophrenia and that has filed patent applications for SNPs related to schizophrenia (United States Patent Applications 20080176239 and 20080176240, and International Application No.: PCT/EP2008/050477).