Correction: LINE Retrotransposon RNA Is an Essential Structural and Functional Epigenetic Component of a Core Neocentromeric Chromatin

  • Anderly C. Chueh,
  • Emma L. Northrop,
  • Kate H. Brettingham-Moore,
  • K. H. Andy Choo,
  • Lee H. Wong
  • Published: February 12, 2009
  • DOI: 10.1371/annotation/3b497aec-b7d3-442e-9086-751251f649dd

There were errors in the Author Contributions. The correct contributions are: Conceived and designed the experiments: ACC KHAC LHW. Performed the experiments: ACC ELN LHW. Analyzed the data: ACC ELN KHBM KHAC LHW. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools: KHAC LHW. Wrote the paper: ACC KHAC LHW. Technical advice and discussion: ACC ELN KHBM KHAC LHW.