Table of Contents: December 2007


Defects in zebrafish embryos

Image Credit: Photograph provided by Chris Jopling, Hubrecht Institute.
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Expression of mutant Shp2 with a mutation that was identified in human Noonan Syndrome results in a range of defects in zebrafish embryos, including shortening of the body axis (top three embryos) compared to a control non-injected embryo (bottom) (see Jopling et al., e225).



Research Articles

Argonaute2 Is Essential for Mammalian Gastrulation and Proper Mesoderm Formation

Reid S Alisch, Peng Jin, Michael Epstein, Tamara Caspary, Stephen T Warren

Conserved Regulation of MAP Kinase Expression by PUF RNA-Binding Proteins

Myon-Hee Lee, Brad Hook, Guangjin Pan, Aaron M Kershner, Christopher Merritt, Geraldine Seydoux, James A Thomson, Marvin Wickens, Judith Kimble

dAtaxin-2 Mediates Expanded Ataxin-1-Induced Neurodegeneration in a Drosophila Model of SCA1

Ismael Al-Ramahi, Alma M Pérez, Janghoo Lim, Minghang Zhang, Rie Sorensen, Maria de Haro, Joana Branco, Stefan M Pulst, Huda Y Zoghbi, Juan Botas

Deletion of the MBII-85 snoRNA Gene Cluster in Mice Results in Postnatal Growth Retardation

Boris V Skryabin, Leonid V Gubar, Birte Seeger, Jana Pfeiffer, Sergej Handel, Thomas Robeck, Elena Karpova, Timofey S Rozhdestvensky, Jürgen Brosius

Shp2 Knockdown and Noonan/LEOPARD Mutant Shp2–Induced Gastrulation Defects

Chris Jopling, Daphne van Geemen, Jeroen den Hertog

Patterns and Implications of Gene Gain and Loss in the Evolution of Prochlorococcus

Gregory C Kettler, Adam C Martiny, Katherine Huang, Jeremy Zucker, Maureen L Coleman, Sebastien Rodrigue, Feng Chen, Alla Lapidus, Steven Ferriera, Justin Johnson, Claudia Steglich, George M Church, Paul Richardson, Sallie W Chisholm

Human Subtelomeric WASH Genes Encode a New Subclass of the WASP Family

Elena V Linardopoulou, Sean S Parghi, Cynthia Friedman, Gregory E Osborn, Susan M Parkhurst, Barbara J Trask

Most Caenorhabditis elegans microRNAs Are Individually Not Essential for Development or Viability

Eric A Miska, Ezequiel Alvarez-Saavedra, Allison L Abbott, Nelson C Lau, Andrew B Hellman, Shannon M McGonagle, David P Bartel, Victor R Ambros, H. Robert Horvitz

Chromosome Structuring Limits Genome Plasticity in Escherichia coli

Emilie Esnault, Michèle Valens, Olivier Espéli, Frédéric Boccard

The Role of Carcinine in Signaling at the Drosophila Photoreceptor Synapse

Brendan A Gavin, Susan E Arruda, Patrick J Dolph

Localization of Candidate Regions Maintaining a Common Polymorphic Inversion (2La) in Anopheles gambiae

Bradley J White, Matthew W Hahn, Marco Pombi, Bryan J Cassone, Neil F Lobo, Frederic Simard, Nora J Besansky

A RNA Interference Screen Identifies the Protein Phosphatase 2A Subunit PR55γ as a Stress-Sensitive Inhibitor of c-SRC

Pieter J. A Eichhorn, Menno P Creyghton, Kevin Wilhelmsen, Hans van Dam, René Bernards

A Mechanism Misregulating p27 in Tumors Discovered in a Functional Genomic Screen

Carrie M Garrett-Engele, Michael A Tasch, Harry C Hwang, Matthew L Fero, Roger M Perlmutter, Bruce E Clurman, James M Roberts

Novel Roles for Selected Genes in Meiotic DNA Processing

Philip W Jordan, Franz Klein, David R. F Leach