Table of Contents: February 2007


Male and female Eyprepocnemis plorans

Image Credit: Photograph by Julio S. Rufas.
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The same characteristics that made grasshoppers exquisite models for classical cytogenetic studies - few, large chromosomes and well-defined meiotic stages at the cytological level - also make them excellent organisms in which to study protein immunolocalization during meiosis. Shown here are male (top) and female (bottom) Eyprepocnemis plorans (see Valdeolmillos et al., e28).


An Age-Old Problem

Nicholas Katsanis, Susan M Rosenberg


The Role of Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Mammalian Aging

Gregory C Kujoth, Patrick C Bradshaw, Suraiya Haroon, Tomas A Prolla

Research Articles

Sequential Loading of Cohesin Subunits during the First Meiotic Prophase of Grasshoppers

Ana M Valdeolmillos, Alberto Viera, Jesús Page, Ignacio Prieto, Juan L Santos, María Teresa Parra, Margarete M. S Heck, Carlos Martínez-A, José L Barbero, José A Suja, Julio S Rufas

Large-Scale Evaluation of Candidate Genes Identifies Associations between VEGF Polymorphisms and Bladder Cancer Risk

Montserrat García-Closas, Núria Malats, Francisco X Real, Meredith Yeager, Robert Welch, Debra Silverman, Manolis Kogevinas, Mustafa Dosemeci, Jonine Figueroa, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Adonina Tardón, Consol Serra, Alfredo Carrato, Reina García-Closas, Cristiane Murta-Nascimento, Nathaniel Rothman, Stephen J Chanock

Elevated Rates of Sister Chromatid Exchange at Chromosome Ends

M. Katharine Rudd, Cynthia Friedman, Sean S Parghi, Elena V Linardopoulou, Li Hsu, Barbara J Trask

Inducible and Reversible Clock Gene Expression in Brain Using the tTA System for the Study of Circadian Behavior

Hee-Kyung Hong, Jason L Chong, Weimin Song, Eun Joo Song, Amira A Jyawook, Andrew C Schook, Caroline H Ko, Joseph S Takahashi

Meningococcal Genetic Variation Mechanisms Viewed through Comparative Analysis of Serogroup C Strain FAM18

Stephen D Bentley, George S Vernikos, Lori A. S Snyder, Carol Churcher, Claire Arrowsmith, Tracey Chillingworth, Ann Cronin, Paul H Davis, Nancy E Holroyd, Kay Jagels, Mark Maddison, Sharon Moule, Ester Rabbinowitsch, Sarah Sharp, Louise Unwin, Sally Whitehead, Michael A Quail, Mark Achtman, Bart Barrell, Nigel J Saunders, Julian Parkhill

Genetic and Pharmacological Factors That Influence Reproductive Aging in Nematodes

Stacie E Hughes, Kimberley Evason, Chengjie Xiong, Kerry Kornfeld

An Unmethylated 3′ Promoter-Proximal Region Is Required for Efficient Transcription Initiation

Ruth Appanah, David R Dickerson, Preeti Goyal, Mark Groudine, Matthew C Lorincz

A Screen for Retrotransposed Imprinted Genes Reveals an Association between X Chromosome Homology and Maternal Germ-Line Methylation

Andrew J Wood, Roland G Roberts, David Monk, Gudrun E Moore, Reiner Schulz, Rebecca J Oakey

New Small Nuclear RNA Gene-Like Transcriptional Units as Sources of Regulatory Transcripts

Aldo Pagano, Manuele Castelnuovo, Federico Tortelli, Roberto Ferrari, Giorgio Dieci, Ranieri Cancedda