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The crystal structure of a short DNA helix methylated on both strands at the center cytosine

Image Credit: Designed by Christoph Bock. The structure was taken from the Protein Data Bank (accession number 329D), with rendering using PyMOL and POV-Ray and postprocessing in Adobe Photoshop.
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The image displays the crystal structure of a short DNA helix methylated on both strands at the center cytosine. The in vivo methylation state of CpG islands within the human genome is highly correlated with DNA sequence and structure (see Bock et al.).


Research Articles

The Dictyostelium Kinome—Analysis of the Protein Kinases from a Simple Model Organism

Jonathan M Goldberg, Gerard Manning, Allen Liu, Petra Fey, Karen E Pilcher, Yanji Xu, Janet L Smith

Inhibition of SIRT1 Reactivates Silenced Cancer Genes without Loss of Promoter DNA Hypermethylation

Kevin Pruitt, Rebekah L Zinn, Joyce E Ohm, Kelly M McGarvey, Sung-Hae L Kang, D. Neil Watkins, James G Herman, Stephen B Baylin

PRKCA and Multiple Sclerosis: Association in Two Independent Populations

Janna Saarela, Suvi P Kallio, Daniel Chen, Alexandre Montpetit, Anne Jokiaho, Eva Choi, Rosanna Asselta, Denis Bronnikov, Matthew R Lincoln, A. Dessa Sadovnick, Pentti J Tienari, Keijo Koivisto, Aarno Palotie, George C Ebers, Thomas J Hudson, Leena Peltonen

Novel Gene Acquisition on Carnivore Y Chromosomes

William J Murphy, Alison J. Pearks Wilkerson, Terje Raudsepp, Richa Agarwala, Alejandro A Schäffer, Roscoe Stanyon, Bhanu P Chowdhary

Control of Daily Transcript Oscillations in Drosophila by Light and the Circadian Clock

Herman Wijnen, Felix Naef, Catharine Boothroyd, Adam Claridge-Chang, Michael W Young

Assumption-Free Estimation of Heritability from Genome-Wide Identity-by-Descent Sharing between Full Siblings

Peter M Visscher, Sarah E Medland, Manuel A. R Ferreira, Katherine I Morley, Gu Zhu, Belinda K Cornes, Grant W Montgomery, Nicholas G Martin

Telomere Length as a Quantitative Trait: Genome-Wide Survey and Genetic Mapping of Telomere Length-Control Genes in Yeast

Tonibelle Gatbonton, Maria Imbesi, Melisa Nelson, Joshua M Akey, Douglas M Ruderfer, Leonid Kruglyak, Julian A Simon, Antonio Bedalov

Meiotically Stable Natural Epialleles of Sadhu, a Novel Arabidopsis Retroposon

Sanjida H Rangwala, Rangasamy Elumalai, Cheryl Vanier, Hakan Ozkan, David W Galbraith, Eric J Richards

An Evaluation of the Performance of Tag SNPs Derived from HapMap in a Caucasian Population

Alexandre Montpetit, Mari Nelis, Philippe Laflamme, Reedik Magi, Xiayi Ke, Maido Remm, Lon Cardon, Thomas J Hudson, Andres Metspalu

Genetic Analysis of the Capsular Biosynthetic Locus from All 90 Pneumococcal Serotypes

Stephen D Bentley, David M Aanensen, Angeliki Mavroidi, David Saunders, Ester Rabbinowitsch, Matthew Collins, Kathy Donohoe, David Harris, Lee Murphy, Michael A Quail, Gabby Samuel, Ian C Skovsted, Margit Staum Kaltoft, Bart Barrell, Peter R Reeves, Julian Parkhill, Brian G Spratt

Highly Variable Rates of Genome Rearrangements between Hemiascomycetous Yeast Lineages

Gilles Fischer, Eduardo P. C Rocha, Frédéric Brunet, Massimo Vergassola, Bernard Dujon

Analysis of Ribosomal Protein Gene Structures: Implications for Intron Evolution

Maki Yoshihama, Akihiro Nakao, Hung D Nguyen, Naoya Kenmochi

CpG Island Methylation in Human Lymphocytes Is Highly Correlated with DNA Sequence, Repeats, and Predicted DNA Structure

Christoph Bock, Martina Paulsen, Sascha Tierling, Thomas Mikeska, Thomas Lengauer, Jörn Walter


Author's Reply

Matt Kaeberlein, Di Hu, Emily O. Kerr, Mitsuhiro Tsuchiya, Eric A. Westman, Nick Dang, Stanley Fields, Brian K. Kennedy