Table of Contents: February 2009

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Pictured is the top-down, confocal view of the Drosophila eye. Visual transduction is initiated upon absorption of light by the protein rhodopsin (green) and occurs in the actin-rich microvillar structure, the rhabdomere (stained for actin, shown in magenta). Light stimulation also results in internalization of rhodopsin by endocytosis. The image shows endocytosis of rhodopsin from the rhabdomeres into the cell body. Work in this issue of PLoS Genetics (see Chinchore et al., doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1000377) demonstrates that degradation of internalized rhodopsin in a timely manner is essential for maintaining photoreceptor viability.

Image Credit: Yashodhan Chinchore and Patrick Dolph (Dartmouth College).



Interpretation of Genetic Association Studies: Markers with Replicated Highly Significant Odds Ratios May Be Poor Classifiers

Johanna Jakobsdottir, Michael B. Gorin, Yvette P. Conley, Robert E. Ferrell, Daniel E. Weeks

Research Articles

Gene Dosage Effects of the Imprinted Delta-Like Homologue 1 (Dlk1/Pref1) in Development: Implications for the Evolution of Imprinting

Simao Teixeira da Rocha, Marika Charalambous, Shau-Ping Lin, Isabel Gutteridge, Yoko Ito, Dionne Gray, Wendy Dean, Anne C. Ferguson-Smith

Mutation of the Mouse Syce1 Gene Disrupts Synapsis and Suggests a Link between Synaptonemal Complex Structural Components and DNA Repair

Ewelina Bolcun-Filas, Robert Speed, Mary Taggart, Corinne Grey, Bernard de Massy, Ricardo Benavente, Howard J. Cooke

The D4Z4 Macrosatellite Repeat Acts as a CTCF and A-Type Lamins-Dependent Insulator in Facio-Scapulo-Humeral Dystrophy

Alexandre Ottaviani, Sylvie Rival-Gervier, Amina Boussouar, Andrea M. Foerster, Delphine Rondier, Sabrina Sacconi, Claude Desnuelle, Eric Gilson, Frédérique Magdinier

Ploidy Reductions in Murine Fusion-Derived Hepatocytes

Andrew W. Duncan, Raymond D. Hickey, Nicole K. Paulk, Andrew J. Culberson, Susan B. Olson, Milton J. Finegold, Markus Grompe

Altered Hematopoiesis in Mice Lacking DNA Polymerase μ Is Due to Inefficient Double-Strand Break Repair

Daniel Lucas, Beatriz Escudero, José Manuel Ligos, Jose Carlos Segovia, Juan Camilo Estrada, Gloria Terrados, Luis Blanco, Enrique Samper, Antonio Bernad

Turnover of Sex Chromosomes in the Stickleback Fishes (Gasterosteidae)

Joseph A. Ross, James R. Urton, Jessica Boland, Michael D. Shapiro, Catherine L. Peichel

A Drosophila Model for EGFR-Ras and PI3K-Dependent Human Glioma

Renee D. Read, Webster K. Cavenee, Frank B. Furnari, John B. Thomas

The Individual Blood Cell Telomere Attrition Rate Is Telomere Length Dependent

Katarina Nordfjäll, Ulrika Svenson, Karl-Fredrik Norrback, Rolf Adolfsson, Per Lenner, Göran Roos

Attenuation of Zinc Finger Nuclease Toxicity by Small-Molecule Regulation of Protein Levels

Shondra M. Pruett-Miller, David W. Reading, Shaina N. Porter, Matthew H. Porteus

Identification of a Shared Genetic Susceptibility Locus for Coronary Heart Disease and Periodontitis

Arne S. Schaefer, Gesa M. Richter, Birte Groessner-Schreiber, Barbara Noack, Michael Nothnagel, Nour-Eddine El Mokhtari, Bruno G. Loos, Søren Jepsen, Stefan Schreiber

Steroid Hormone Control of Cell Death and Cell Survival: Molecular Insights Using RNAi

Suganthi Chittaranjan, Melissa McConechy, Ying-Chen Claire Hou, J. Douglas Freeman, Lindsay DeVorkin, Sharon M. Gorski

ERCC1/XPF Protects Short Telomeres from Homologous Recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana

Jean-Baptiste Vannier, Annie Depeiges, Charles White, Maria Eugenia Gallego

Sporadic Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy Caused by Mutations in PCDH19 Resembles Dravet Syndrome but Mainly Affects Females

Christel Depienne, Delphine Bouteiller, Boris Keren, Emmanuel Cheuret, Karine Poirier, Oriane Trouillard, Baya Benyahia, Chloé Quelin, Wassila Carpentier, Sophie Julia, Alexandra Afenjar, Agnès Gautier, François Rivier, Sophie Meyer, Patrick Berquin, Marie Hélias, Isabelle Py, Serge Rivera, Nadia Bahi-Buisson, Isabelle Gourfinkel-An, Cécile Cazeneuve, Merle Ruberg, Alexis Brice, Rima Nabbout, Eric LeGuern

HECTD2 Is Associated with Susceptibility to Mouse and Human Prion Disease

Sarah E. Lloyd, Emma G. Maytham, Hirva Pota, Julia Grizenkova, Eleni Molou, James Uphill, Holger Hummerich, Jerome Whitfield, Michael P. Alpers, Simon Mead, John Collinge

Adaptations to Submarine Hydrothermal Environments Exemplified by the Genome of Nautilia profundicola

Barbara J. Campbell, Julie L. Smith, Thomas E. Hanson, Martin G. Klotz, Lisa Y. Stein, Charles K. Lee, Dongying Wu, Jeffrey M. Robinson, Hoda M. Khouri, Jonathan A. Eisen, S. Craig Cary

hnRNP I Inhibits Notch Signaling and Regulates Intestinal Epithelial Homeostasis in the Zebrafish

Jing Yang, Chin Yee Chan, Bo Jiang, Xueyuan Yu, Guo-Zhang Zhu, Yiping Chen, John Barnard, Wenyan Mei

Genome-Wide Analysis of Factors Affecting Transcription Elongation and DNA Repair: A New Role for PAF and Ccr4-Not in Transcription-Coupled Repair

Hélène Gaillard, Cristina Tous, Javier Botet, Cristina González-Aguilera, Maria José Quintero, Laia Viladevall, María L. García-Rubio, Alfonso Rodríguez-Gil, Antonio Marín, Joaquín Ariño, José Luis Revuelta, Sebastián Chávez, Andrés Aguilera

Genome-Wide Association Studies in an Isolated Founder Population from the Pacific Island of Kosrae

Jennifer K. Lowe, Julian B. Maller, Itsik Pe'er, Benjamin M. Neale, Jacqueline Salit, Eimear E. Kenny, Jessica L. Shea, Ralph Burkhardt, J. Gustav Smith, Weizhen Ji, Martha Noel, Jia Nee Foo, Maude L. Blundell, Vita Skilling, Laura Garcia, Marcia L. Sullivan, Heather E. Lee, Anna Labek, Hope Ferdowsian, Steven B. Auerbach, Richard P. Lifton, Christopher Newton-Cheh, Jan L. Breslow, Markus Stoffel, Mark J. Daly, David M. Altshuler, Jeffrey M. Friedman

Genetic Mechanisms in Apc-Mediated Mammary Tumorigenesis

Mari Kuraguchi, Nana Yaw Ohene-Baah, Dmitriy Sonkin, Roderick Terry Bronson, Raju Kucherlapati

Expression of the Multiple Sclerosis-Associated MHC Class II Allele HLA-DRB1*1501 Is Regulated by Vitamin D

Sreeram V. Ramagopalan, Narelle J. Maugeri, Lahiru Handunnetthi, Matthew R. Lincoln, Sarah-Michelle Orton, David A. Dyment, Gabriele C. DeLuca, Blanca M. Herrera, Michael J. Chao, A. Dessa Sadovnick, George C. Ebers, Julian C. Knight

Loss of Myotubularin Function Results in T-Tubule Disorganization in Zebrafish and Human Myotubular Myopathy

James J. Dowling, Andrew P. Vreede, Sean E. Low, Elizabeth M. Gibbs, John Y. Kuwada, Carsten G. Bonnemann, Eva L. Feldman

A Genome-Wide Investigation of SNPs and CNVs in Schizophrenia

Anna C. Need, Dongliang Ge, Michael E. Weale, Jessica Maia, Sheng Feng, Erin L. Heinzen, Kevin V. Shianna, Woohyun Yoon, Dalia Kasperavičiūtė, Massimo Gennarelli, Warren J. Strittmatter, Cristian Bonvicini, Giuseppe Rossi, Karu Jayathilake, Philip A. Cola, Joseph P. McEvoy, Richard S. E. Keefe, Elizabeth M. C. Fisher, Pamela L. St. Jean, Ina Giegling, Annette M. Hartmann, Hans-Jürgen Möller, Andreas Ruppert, Gillian Fraser, Caroline Crombie, Lefkos T. Middleton, David St. Clair, Allen D. Roses, Pierandrea Muglia, Clyde Francks, Dan Rujescu, Herbert Y. Meltzer, David B. Goldstein