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Apical enrichment of stardust transcripts

The Stardust protein is a key regulator of apical identity in polarized epithelia. Dynein-dependent apical localization of certain stardust mRNA isoforms may also play a functional role in apico-basal polarity regulation. The image shows the apical enrichment of stardust transcripts (green puncta) in the Drosophila follicle cell epithelium (see Horne-Badovinac and Bilder, e8).

Image Credit: Confocal micrograph provided by Sally Horne-Badovinac.


Exploration of Small RNAs

Hideya Kawaji, Yoshihide Hayashizaki

Research Articles

Life Span Extension by Calorie Restriction Depends on Rim15 and Transcription Factors Downstream of Ras/PKA, Tor, and Sch9

Min Wei, Paola Fabrizio, Jia Hu, Huanying Ge, Chao Cheng, Lei Li, Valter D Longo

Discerning the Ancestry of European Americans in Genetic Association Studies

Alkes L Price, Johannah Butler, Nick Patterson, Cristian Capelli, Vincenzo L Pascali, Francesca Scarnicci, Andres Ruiz-Linares, Leif Groop, Angelica A Saetta, Penelope Korkolopoulou, Uri Seligsohn, Alicja Waliszewska, Christine Schirmer, Kristin Ardlie, Alexis Ramos, James Nemesh, Lori Arbeitman, David B Goldstein, David Reich, Joel N Hirschhorn

Repetitive Element-Mediated Recombination as a Mechanism for New Gene Origination in Drosophila

Shuang Yang, J. Roman Arguello, Xin Li, Yun Ding, Qi Zhou, Ying Chen, Yue Zhang, Ruoping Zhao, Frédéric Brunet, Lixin Peng, Manyuan Long, Wen Wang

Analysis and Application of European Genetic Substructure Using 300 K SNP Information

Chao Tian, Robert M Plenge, Michael Ransom, Annette Lee, Pablo Villoslada, Carlo Selmi, Lars Klareskog, Ann E Pulver, Lihong Qi, Peter K Gregersen, Michael F Seldin

Large-Scale Population Study of Human Cell Lines Indicates that Dosage Compensation Is Virtually Complete

Colette M Johnston, Frances L Lovell, Daniel A Leongamornlert, Barbara E Stranger, Emmanouil T Dermitzakis, Mark T Ross

TERT Promotes Epithelial Proliferation through Transcriptional Control of a Myc- and Wnt-Related Developmental Program

Jinkuk Choi, Lucinda K Southworth, Kavita Y Sarin, Andrew S Venteicher, Wenxiu Ma, Woody Chang, Peggie Cheung, Sohee Jun, Maja K Artandi, Naman Shah, Stuart K Kim, Steven E Artandi

Protein Under-Wrapping Causes Dosage Sensitivity and Decreases Gene Duplicability

Han Liang, Kristina Rogale Plazonic, Jianping Chen, Wen-Hsiung Li, Ariel Fernández

Dominant-Negative CK2α Induces Potent Effects on Circadian Rhythmicity

Elaine M Smith, Jui-Ming Lin, Rose-Anne Meissner, Ravi Allada

The Genetic Structure of Pacific Islanders

Jonathan S Friedlaender, Françoise R Friedlaender, Floyd A Reed, Kenneth K Kidd, Judith R Kidd, Geoffrey K Chambers, Rodney A Lea, Jun-Hun Loo, George Koki, Jason A Hodgson, D. Andrew Merriwether, James L Weber

Dissecting the Genetic Components of Adaptation of Escherichia coli to the Mouse Gut

Antoine Giraud, Safia Arous, Marianne De Paepe, Valérie Gaboriau-Routhiau, Jean-Christophe Bambou, Sabine Rakotobe, Ariel B Lindner, François Taddei, Nadine Cerf-Bensussan

The Molecular Mechanisms of OPA1-Mediated Optic Atrophy in Drosophila Model and Prospects for Antioxidant Treatment

Will Yarosh, Jessica Monserrate, James Jiayuan Tong, Stephanie Tse, Phung Khanh Le, Kimberly Nguyen, Carrie B Brachmann, Douglas C Wallace, Taosheng Huang

Haplotype Mapping of a Diploid Non-Meiotic Organism Using Existing and Induced Aneuploidies

Melanie Legrand, Anja Forche, Anna Selmecki, Christine Chan, David T Kirkpatrick, Judith Berman