Table of Contents: August 2007


The heart of a 24-hour-old zebrafish embryo

Image Credit: Image by Jeroen Bussmann.
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The endocardium is the inner lining of the heart, and interactions between the endocardium and heart muscle play essential roles during heart development. Shown here is the heart of a 24-hour-old zebrafish embryo. At this stage, the heart is a simple tube in which contractions have just begun (see Bussmann et al., e140).


Research Articles

Mutation in Mouse Hei10, an E3 Ubiquitin Ligase, Disrupts Meiotic Crossing Over

Jeremy O Ward, Laura G Reinholdt, William W Motley, Lisa M Niswander, Dekker C Deacon, Laurie B Griffin, Kristofor K Langlais, Vickie L Backus, Kerry J Schimenti, Marilyn J O'Brien, John J Eppig, John C Schimenti

The Complete Genome Sequence of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis IP31758, the Causative Agent of Far East Scarlet-Like Fever

Mark Eppinger, M. J Rosovitz, Wolfgang Florian Fricke, David A Rasko, Galina Kokorina, Corinne Fayolle, Luther E Lindler, Elisabeth Carniel, Jacques Ravel

Systematic Identification of cis-Regulatory Sequences Active in Mouse and Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Marica Grskovic, Christina Chaivorapol, Alexandre Gaspar-Maia, Hao Li, Miguel Ramalho-Santos

Genome Analysis of Minibacterium massiliensis Highlights the Convergent Evolution of Water-Living Bacteria

Stéphane Audic, Catherine Robert, Bernard Campagna, Hugues Parinello, Jean-Michel Claverie, Didier Raoult, Michel Drancourt

Early Endocardial Morphogenesis Requires Scl/Tal1

Jeroen Bussmann, Jeroen Bakkers, Stefan Schulte-Merker

A Discrete Class of Intergenic DNA Dictates Meiotic DNA Break Hotspots in Fission Yeast

Gareth A Cromie, Randy W Hyppa, Hugh P Cam, Joseph A Farah, Shiv I. S Grewal, Gerald R Smith

Assessing the Significance of Conserved Genomic Aberrations Using High Resolution Genomic Microarrays

Mitchell Guttman, Carolyn Mies, Katarzyna Dudycz-Sulicz, Sharon J Diskin, Don A Baldwin, Christian J Stoeckert Jr., Gregory R Grant

Linkage Disequilibrium in Wild Mice

Cathy C Laurie, Deborah A Nickerson, Amy D Anderson, Bruce S Weir, Robert J Livingston, Matthew D Dean, Kimberly L Smith, Eric E Schadt, Michael W Nachman

Unbiased Gene Expression Analysis Implicates the huntingtin Polyglutamine Tract in Extra-mitochondrial Energy Metabolism

Jong-Min Lee, Elena V Ivanova, Ihn Sik Seong, Tanya Cashorali, Isaac Kohane, James F Gusella, Marcy E MacDonald

Identification and Characterization of Cell Type–Specific and Ubiquitous Chromatin Regulatory Structures in the Human Genome

Hualin Xi, Hennady P Shulha, Jane M Lin, Teresa R Vales, Yutao Fu, David M Bodine, Ronald D. G McKay, Josh G Chenoweth, Paul J Tesar, Terrence S Furey, Bing Ren, Zhiping Weng, Gregory E Crawford

Maintenance of Paternal Methylation and Repression of the Imprinted H19 Gene Requires MBD3

Kimberly J Reese, Shu Lin, Raluca I Verona, Richard M Schultz, Marisa S Bartolomei

The Role of AtMUS81 in Interference-Insensitive Crossovers in A. thaliana

Luke E Berchowitz, Kirk E Francis, Alexandra L Bey, Gregory P Copenhaver

Global Dissemination of a Single Mutation Conferring White Pericarp in Rice

Megan T Sweeney, Michael J Thomson, Yong Gu Cho, Yong Jin Park, Scott H Williamson, Carlos D Bustamante, Susan R McCouch

A Screen for Suppressors of Gross Chromosomal Rearrangements Identifies a Conserved Role for PLP in Preventing DNA Lesions

Pamela Kanellis, Mark Gagliardi, Judit P Banath, Rachel K Szilard, Shinichiro Nakada, Sarah Galicia, Frederic D Sweeney, Diane C Cabelof, Peggy L Olive, Daniel Durocher

Dynein Modifiers in C. elegans: Light Chains Suppress Conditional Heavy Chain Mutants

Sean M O'Rourke, Marc D Dorfman, J. Clayton Carter, Bruce Bowerman


Correction: COUP-TFII Mediates Progesterone Regulation of Uterine Implantation by Controlling ER Activity

Isao Kurihara, Dong-Kee Lee, Fabrice G Petit, Jaewook Jeong, Kevin Lee, John P Lydon, Francesco J DeMayo, Ming-Jer Tsai, Sophia Y Tsai