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The analysis of Atfas1-4, a mutant defective for the histone chaperone CAF-1, sheds light on Arabidopsis meiotic recombination

Meiosis underpins sexual reproduction in higher eukaryotes. During this division, crossovers (COs) generate novel genotypes and guarantee the correct segregation of homologous chromosomes at anaphase I. The formation of COs is fine-tuned by several mechanisms. One of them, reported in some model organisms, is CO homeostasis, which ensures a stable number of COs despite variability in the number of initiating events. The analysis of Atfas1-4, which has a significant increase in double-strand breaks and in the frequency of gene conversion events, without a corresponding increase in COs, suggests the possible existence of a homeostatic control of COs in Arabidopsis. Varas et al.

Image Credit: Javier Varas